To The Letter

Simon Garfield / Penguin Books / 2013

A wonderful book sharing curious stories from the history of letter-writing by Simon Garfield, author of "Just My Type" and "On The Map". In a special edition copy of 10,000 books Simon included an envelope and typed letter telling the story of the project Mysterious Letters. From a letter written by the author:

"In the special Waterstones edition there’s an extra letter that comes in an envelope just inside the jacket flap (okay, it’s typed up to spare your eyes, and then copied, but it’s not available from any other store). It tells the story of two artists who are trying to send a letter to everyone in the world (something of a grand ambition, but it’s going well so far). It was originally a preface in the book, but then my editor pointed out that I had really written two prefaces, and one would have to go. So it went in an envelope."