Time Capsule

2008 / wooden box, earth, sign, mobile telephone, fossils, other (secret) items

Made in response to the seeming time-capsule-mania of small towns in Upstate New York. My research uncovered eighteen time capsules buried over the preceding five years within a twenty mile radius. This one is the nineteenth.


The engraved sign on the box reads:


1. A mobile phone you can call and leave messages on

2. Things that will last for a shorter period than the time capsule will remain closed

3. The things that used to be above where it's buried

4. The earth from the hole it is buried in

5. The sign saying where it is buried

6. Fossils


Time Capsule was made during my tenure as Theodore Randall International Chair at Alfred University, New York. An article about several works made during this tenure was written by Laurence Biemiller for the Higher Education Chronicle. I kept a studio diary of stories from my time in Upstate New York.