An Artist Residency in Motherhood

2016 - ongoing / Open Source Artist Residency Program founded by Lenka Clayton

I created An Artist in Residence in Motherhood as a conceptual and practical framework for my studio practice from 2012 - 2015. 

Over the three years I was artist-in-residence I received hundreds of emails from women in a similar situation, wishing to create a space in which they could examine the usually separated roles of parenting and art-making.

On Mother's Day 2016 I launched a new website that offers the residency as an open-source framework to anyone to implement in their own homes and lives as parents and artists. In the first week the website was visited by 16,ooo people. There are currently hundreds of registered artists-in-residence on six continents.

Click the red markers on the live map above to see details of each resident. 

Visit the Residency website here:


Work from my original residency is archived here:

The following works are amongst those made during my tenure as Artist-in-Residence-in-Motherhood;

The Distance I Can Be From My Son

All Scissors in the House Made Safer

63 Objects from My Son's Mouth

Women's Intuition (hats)

Moons From Next Door

One Brown Shoe