Today I was interviewed by the New York Times

2015 / text / dimensions variable

All of the questions posed in all sections of the New York Times on Thursday April, 2nd 2015, in alphabetical order.



A guy with a guitar might know how to play the guitar but does he know how to produce a whole song?

Only 10 percent of the way toward a living wage?

And what are we doing to help them?

And why?

And with whom?

Are we really going back to the lunch-counter days of 1963 Mississippi?

Aside from seeing “retweets” and “favorites” how can I tell if anyone is looking at my Twitter posts?

Bummed about the lingering chill?

But can this “anti-bank” thrive as a tiny unit of one of the world’s biggest banks?

But what was I going to do about it?

Core group?

Did he see it?

Did we mention that in the pilot Mark fed that frog back to her husband after suckling it on a sort of nipple on her thigh?

Do we still collect whales?

Do you think it should be legal in the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians?

Does England really want to stay ahead in the global game by keeping other national teams down?

Does he wear pajamas and how does he launder them?


For Spring?

For what sir?

For what sir?

Has the beard become such a hipster cliché that wearers now need an embellishment to set them apart from every other 20 something with scruffy facial hair?

Have they killed a fly with the proverbial sledgehammer?

Have you seen the new Valentino men’s wear, with the butterfly camouflage patterns?

How can anyone who is deeply humane define marriage in a way that excludes so many humans?

How can I duplicate my addresses in my Yahoo Mail in a new Gmail account?

How can nice people dream up these encounters that are so dark and bizarre?

How could you live there?

How do we live?

How do you deal with that?

How do you know this is what it purports to be?

How does the channel plan on upping the ante?

How long have you been in this country?

How much of a role do your clothes play in your performances?

How will she fit into Salem’s already bizarre story?

How’s that for Christian fashion?

How was it that this guy could have only 630 hours and already be flying an A320?

If lots of other cheaper, almost as good phones run Android, why pay extra for a Samsung?

If the speaker of the House visits Israel and does not say anything substantive, does it have any effect on the troubled relations between Washington and Jerusalem?

If two girls are talking in the changing room, and one person paid one price for the class and another person paid another price for the class, how does that look?

If you are so disgusted with investment bankers, why do you continue to deal with them?

In our heart of hearts, who among us doesn’t believe that this Indiana law isn’t about the struggle of some evangelical Christians to accept a new element of modernity in their cultural environment?

Is it because you want the franchises to be more profitable than you?

Is it still masculine then?

Is Mr. Hardy mentally competent to stand trial?

Is that a kiwi or a duck?

Is the museum worried about tying its fortunes too closely to the High Line, whose number of visitors, while huge, is greatly affected by the seasons?

Is this an April Fool’s Day joke?

Let’s make them jump first just to be sure, O.K.?

Movie candy?


Or will we invest in our future by empowering these women to invest in theirs?

Out of commission?

People who’ve been framed?

Really, what were you thinking?

Remember Google’s unusual “Dutch auction” I.P.O that was heralded for wresting power from Wall Street and putting it in the hands of investors?

So how did we get here?

So how do we get more of this technology to more women?

So, how do players keep up?

Specifically: how much should be granted to the outside world?

That’s the team that gave me an opportunity when I was 16 years old, you know?

The downside?

The growers and wholesale businesses paying taxes?

The marijuana customers?

The public, who approved this whole set up?

The railroad industry is involved?

The view from the mountaintop?

Their strategy?

Was the victory worth the candle?

We thought, what if we cut off half the desk space and give it to the collective?

What about the farmers?

What about the people who water their lawns?

What better way to draw attention to the constraints Palestinians say they face in their daily lives?

What does he do for health insurance?

What happened in those three other houses?

What inspires your overall style?

What is the difference between denying an L.G.B.T. person a seat at a lunch counter and denying a black person?

What kind of clothes did they wear?

What may come after a long time?

What was on her running playlist?

What’s a brand to do?

What’s one thing that you always pack when going to festivals?

“What’s this?!”

When the French Toast?

Where was Gwyneth Paltrow singing their praises?

Who is on the right side of this argument – the Army, Mr. Obama, Gov. Jerry Brown of California, Mr. de Blasio?

Who isn’t ready for a bit of froth after the endless winter?

Who isn’t?

Who robs bootleggers anyway?

Why be in venture capital if you perceive the industry as not being friendly toward you?

Why does a brand new phone have two web browsers, two email apps, two app stores, a handful of music and video services and four different messaging apps?

Why would the regime let something like this happen?

Will he ever master that accordion?

Will her fans accept this warrior-turned-witch?

Will their approach work in the long run?

Will we limit growth for everyone by leaving the world’s poorest women trapped in a shrinking cash economy?

Yes, a beard is masculine, but what if it’s pink?

You can have a dramatic eye and not look like a drag queen, you know what I mean?

Your highness?