New York Times

An Exhibition Worth Thousands of Words / Roberta Smith / July 7th 2017

The interdisciplinary artist Nina Katchadourian and her teammate, Lenka Clayton, play a tighter, faster game in just under four exuberant minutes. Ms. Katchadourian posts three seconds of an elevator door opening; Ms. Clayton returns with two seconds of her dishwasher door. Feet, usually Ms. Katchadourian’s, recur. A view of them in black socks is most amusingly countered by Ms. Clayton with an image of an untitled abstract painting by Myron Stout. But Stout’s smooth archway shape in white on black is upside down, so it appears to have legs and even stubby doughboylike feet. This startling visual connection made me laugh out loud and kept me there until it looped around again, twice.


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