Sculpture for Keyboards

2015 - 2019 / sculpture / 26 objects / photos: Tom Little / Phillip Andrew Lewis

Series of typewriters in which every letter key of the keyboard rendered useless by an object beginning with that letter.


Typewriter 1#

Quinoa, Wood, Eye, Rock, Thumb Tack, Yarn, Upholstery Nail, Insect, Orange Peel, Penguin

Almond, Sequins, Die, Foil, Glitter, Hand Cream, Jewellery, Kool-Aid, Lima Bean

Zip(per), X-Acto Blade, Candy Cane, Vitamin, Button, Nut, M & M

Typewriter 2#

Quartz, Wishes from a fountain, Eye, Rock, Tree, Yellow, Uniform button, Iron Filings, Oil, Polystyrene

Acorn, Shark Tooth, Die, Feather, Giant Sequoia seed, Hand, Jack, Key, Lock

Zinc, X-acto blade, Confetti, Vitamin, Boat, Newspaper seller, Meteorite