Financial Times / Snap chat: ‘Talking Pictures’ at the Met, New York  / Ariella Budick / August 25, 2017

Another pair of women seems even more stunningly in sync: Nina Katchadourian and
Lenka Clayton regale each other with buoyant visual puns and zingy rejoinders.
Katchadourian sends her friend a selfie in a dark shirt with white stripes. Clayton bats back
a picture of her own arm in a white shirt with dark stripes, hand reaching toward the
striated keys of a piano. Katchadourian pops off a picture of a pink rubber eraser in a corner
of the frame; Clayton parries with a pink wad of chewed-up bubblegum. And, for the game,
Katchadourian photographs a shiny pink tongue ballooning against a row of small teeth.
The joy of friendly one-upwomanship crackles from the screen.
— Ariella Budick