Mysterious Letters (Tilburg, Netherlands)

2013  / 300 handwritten and typed letters / envelopes, paper, pen, pencil, stickers, glue, staples, glitter, various small objects, stamps / collaboration with Michael Crowe

Michael Crowe and I are sending a personal, handwritten letter to every household in the world. So far we have written and sent over 2700 unique letters to people in Northern Ireland, America, Switzerland, Germany and France. Read more about Mysterious Letters here.

In September 2013 we sent three hundred letters sent to the residents of Tilburg, a small town in the Netherlands.

Mysterious Letters (Tilburg, Netherlands) was supported by and occurred during Incubate Festival 2013. Mysterious Letters has been featured on The New Yorker Blog, written about by Associated Press, and reported on the BBC evening news amongst other places.