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Inside Artist Lenka Clayton's Attic Studio in Polish Hill / Matthew Newton / November 7th 2014

© Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Bryan Conley

© Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Bryan Conley

"I start every project with a structure, with some set of invisible rules,” says Lenka Clayton, sitting behind a desk in the attic-turned-studio of her home in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The 37-year-old artist, originally from Cornwall, England, is relaxed as we talk, sipping tea from a ceramic mug designed by her husband, sculptor Seth Payne, as early morning sunlight illuminates the room. Two floors beneath us, in the living room, Clayton’s father, visiting from England, plays mandolin for her 1-year-old daughter Early. Occasional squeals of laughter can be heard as the music emanates through the house." 

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