Alphabetical Bus

6th June 2006 / mounted Lambda print / 100cm x 100cm

The passengers on the top deck of the Number 30 London bus, seated in alphabetical order.

From behind a medium format camera and tripod on the top deck of the number 30 bus I directed passengers to sit in alphabetical order according to their surnames as they came up the steps. Married couples who shared a name were seated next to one another but I often had to separate friends travelling together. Several times over the hour long journey it was necessary to reseat the whole upper deck to fit in a new passenger. No one asked what I was doing but just quietly complied and then ignored me.

Passengers left side front to back, then right side back to front:  Mrs. Araujo, Mr. Brooks, Mrs Cologel, Mrs. Cosnefroy, Mr. Hahmed, Mr. Hussein, Mr. Jafur, Mr. James, Mr. Keser, Mrs O'Mally, Mr. Pachter, Miss. Parker, Ms. Santos, Mrs. Shmamipuor, Mr. Shmamipuor.

Exhibited in Observatory II, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London in 2007.